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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Boat Place - Episode 1

Join Ron in this debut presentation Episode 1 (YouTube link below), a video traveling on one of his many arctic expeditions. This segment highlights a trip that was undertaken back in the year 2012, flying his DeHavilland Beaver floatplane and landing on an uncharted lake at King William Island, Nunavut. A two mile hike from there to a haunting place in this high arctic region called "BOAT PLACE” - this is the location where a handful of starving English sailors huddled together and slowly froze to death. These were just some of the many doomed crew mates from British Admiralty's Expedition of 1845 led by Sir John Franklin. None ever returned, and not one survived.

After Ron visited this site, he correctly theorized and published in November of 2011 that one of the ships was remanned - based in part on his observations of the live conditions here on the ground at Boat Place, and the fact that the lifeboat's tantalizing final rest position was pointing to the northwest when first found by the initial search party. Indeed, the two ships, HMS Erebus and Terror, were to come to rest on the ocean floor very far apart. Theory published here:

Ron Carlson has spent over 15 years exploring northern parts of Nunavut, spending much of his time surveying areas near and southwest of King William Island, in search of the 2 famous lost ships that long ago departed from Portsmouth England in an ambitious attempt to find the holy grail route of the fabled Northwest Passage. This was to be a journey of destiny. The ships; HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, were ultimately both permanently beset in the shifting arctic sea ice, and from there, all of the 129 officers and crew were then ultimately doomed to endure a very long and suffering fate.

TO COME - THE BOOK that will be published on the stories of Ron's adventures, dangerous encounters and discoveries, including the chapter describing Ron being the first to discover one of these two famous ships, first in 2011, then again in 2012, as he looked down upon and photographed the silhouette of the wreck, today known to be HMS Erebus, in the calm waters from far above.

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