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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Polar Bear eats my Video Camera

On my last hike on the coast there on KWI I saw a cluster of seagull activity so investigated to find a small musk ox carcass being fed on by a polar bear.  Also saw a couple of arctic wolves there about too.  Like the prior kit fox video, I was hoping to get some up close video by leaving the camera there.  When I approached within 200 yards the bear ambled off over a nearby rise so I placed the little GoPro camera strategically there and vacated.  When I came back several hours later the camera was gone, with just a couple of plastic shards of it nearby.  I guess attaching a string like the last time wouldn't have helped?

I have seen now how difficult it must have been for the Franklin men to hunt in this particular place,  Except for caribou, which you can approach fairly close (if they happen to be here, I did see very few tracks in the muck flats).  The musk ox herd I videoed saw me one mile away and immediately began to move off once I remained still.  Same with the snow geese.  I was amazed at their eyesight and attention.  Whenever I came over a rise they would immediately waddle away (never fly) from a minimum distance of 1/2 mile away.  I measured it.

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