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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Erebus Bay - Some New Finds

After flying a large part of the southern shores of Erebus Bay and taking pictures of the shallows and deeper waters of the bottom of the ocean there, have made some intriging finds.  A couple of compelling targets. 

Also found a spot from the air with some interesting objects which appear to have been washed up by a tidal flat.  A very straight pole, like part of a ship’s mast.  Or more probably a driftwood tree trunk.
But another item nearby that looks to be man made, and unusual. It's just intriguing because there is other small unusual wood debris in this area too.

I suspect that these pieces were pushed up by the melting ice pack, and very recently, because as one can see in the picture below, the pole has moved in the short term.  I think it was ice pack movement from this year because it sits just out of the boundary where the tide comes in and recedes, in other words - it is just barely outside of the light camel brown sandy muck zone which creates the high water line.

There looks to be some kind of marking on the pole, near the middle.  Or maybe just a weed.

And nearby - a plank or column of some sort.

Pole and beam object
Close up on beam or column object from another angle
Will back get out soon as soon as the weather clears here.  It's 48 degrees F and a storm right now - NW gusting wind. 

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