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Monday, July 30, 2012


From 3,000 feet MSL

Undisclosed location - close up
© 2012 - Ron Carlson (Nunavut)

Undisclosed location - close up - enhanced
© 2012 - Ron Carlson (Nunavut)


  1. That looks like a boat shaped object but it is hard to judge without any sense of scale. There is something coming from the center that looks like a mast.

    If one or more of the ships were pulverized, I would expect there to be massive amounts of timber somewhere along the shores Erebus Bay or the North shores of the RGS Islands. It might be that one or both of the ships still exist in a form similar to HMS Investigator.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures, videos and your expedition.

    You might want to join the Franklin Expedition group on Facebook if you haven’t already. Everyone from the blogs is present there.

  2. Ron that is fascinating. You of all people don't need me to tell you the difficulties in interpreting something photographed from 3,000', but we can hope!

    Thanks for sharing it.


  3. The straight edge at the top of the photo looks man-made. It seems to be casting a shadow toward the bottom edge of the photo. I don't see shadows from the object in the centre, suggesting it is nearly two-dimensional, possibly weeds on the bottom. No identifiable shadows from the ice floating above it either, except possibly the round dark spot to the left of the circular piece. It has a circular ring of lighter colour, which I can't explain if it is a shadow.