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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Churchill Whales

On the way back - Great to see the white whales are still congregating in the Churchill River mouth. Just have to watch the tides and the river current. Landed near the mouth of Hudson Bay and drifted over the belugas.

Then watched the building sized metal buoy zip past me, or I should say, I zipped by it - what appeared to be well over 10 knots by the wake behind that fixed buoy. I knew it was going to miss the plane, but it was the next buoy I was worried about.  

Mix the river current with the outgoing tide. Almost got too close to the ocean. The river water was frazzling in a churning high dance at the line where it actually met Hudson Bay.  Had to abort takeoff before I hit that stuff, the plane would not get on the step. I was heavy and the wind must have changed to cross. Took nearly a mile to takeoff upriver, but made it out ok. Scary river. Now I know how people die there. If canoeing across, you would have to start upstream and row 45 degrees up river to make it what is well over one mile across. Otherwise over the breakers and into the open ocean you go.

Avoid the buoys, and especially the dangers beyond.
View looking northeast to Hudson Bay. 

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